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Don't get me wrong!

Paper Towns - John Green

Don't get me wrong; I adore John Green and his spectacular writing skills. But because of that I had higher expectations for this book. It started off strangely captivating; just like Looking For Alaska.It was adventurous, daring with moments of humor and deep thoughts. The hunt to find and scavenge through the clues to find Margo kept me guessing and wondering where she was hiding too. It was wonderful and had my attention until the very end. I was so anxious over her big explanation on why she had done what she had done. And her meaningful monologue at the end and miraculous plan from there. But sadly i was let down with nearly no explanation and only the two characters sharing a kiss goodbye to end the novel. I felt as if John Green just got sick of working on the book and threw the last two chapters together without care.

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